Non-profit and Serving the Entire Community. Scranton, PA

Please find frequently dialed extensions below. Other staff members can be reached by pressing “5” for the directory or “0” for the receptionist. Our main number is (570) 209-5778


Executive Director Mark D. Weiner EXT. 1101
Chief Operating Officer Mary Rose Applegate EXT. 1102
Clinical Operations Executive Twalla Wahl EXT. 1173
Dementia Care Specialist Nicole Lipinski EXT. 1114
Director of Technology Kevin Tetreault EXT. 1160

Business Office

Resident Billing Coordinator Joyce Petrovsky EXT. 1108
Resident Financial Services Coor. Gayle MacDonald EXT. 1107


Director of Admissions Todd Kelleher EXT. 1151
Nurse Marketer Lee Rutkowski EXT. 1175

Social Services & Activities

Activities Director Sean Davis EXT. 1113
Director of Social Services Brittany Elko EXT. 1154
Social Services 2nd & 4th Amber Ferranti EXT. 1152
Social Services 3rd & 5th Mariah Hachan EXT. 1164

Nursing & Rehab Therapy

Director of Nursing Mae Murawski EXT. 1131
Assistant Director of Nursing Melissa Demcevski EXT. 1153
Nursing Restorative Coordinator Kathryn Chellino EXT. 1159
Rehab Therapy Program Manager Melissa Gibblets EXT. 1157
Nursing Human Resources Coordinator Christine Giullani EXT. 1132

Nursing Unit Managers

Second Floor Mary Ann Adomiak EXT. 1139
Alzheimer’s Unit (3rd Floor) Nicole Travis EXT. 1134
Fourth Floor Mary Ellen Semon EXT. 1136
Fifth Floor Marianne O’Boyle EXT. 1133

Nutrition/Dietary Services

Director of Food Service Beth Rielly EXT. 1119
Clinical Dietitian Supervisor Jill Stevens EXT. 1365

Physical Plant

Director of Environmental Services Tracy Pilgrim EXT. 1126
Director of Maintenance Mike Marion EXT. 1128