Senior Health Services in Scranton, PA Jewish Home of Eastern Pennsylvania

As a medical professional, I can attest to the excellence of the care and the organization in the seven years my mother was resident.

Joe Finetti

Thank you to everyone caring for the patients. Couldn’t ask for a better facility. 

Nicolle Bryan Phillips

My sister and brothers and I  are very blessed with a caring and loving third-floor staff who treat our Mom as if she was their family member.  They hug her, they dance with her, they reminisce with her,  they are kind and patient with her.  She doesn’t always participate in activities however the activities staff continually try to engage her. Recently Leaha, activities staff member, knowing our Mom enjoyed the outdoors, took her outside to enjoy a few hours of sunshine!  As Mom would say “today was a good day.” That was a good day for our Mom!

Marykate Gallagher & Family

I think what your organization is doing is a great thing. My aunt called me and told me what a great time she had at St. Ann’s Novena today. I think sending the residents to the Novena is such a great thing to honor a tradition. Thank you.

Tammy Tomchak

I know how hard all the staff work to provide the highest quality of care for the residents. This is a very difficult time for the residents, staff, and families, and I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Charlene Luzio

Thank you all for everything you do and keeping my Dad safe. ❤️

Robin Lukasik

Words cannot express my heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering care provided for my mother during her residency at The Jewish Home. 

Donna Mendicino

I went to the Jewish Home because it has a great reputation. I had the best experience with therapy! I loved my physical therapy. Staff and accommodations were just great. I would recommend them to others.

Rosemary Gallagher

Thank you so much for the beautiful care and enrichment you bring to our loved ones’ lives each and every day, especially during these trying times.

Carmel Courtney Garan

What a beautiful home for the elderly!

BK Anderson

Thanks all! The pics help when we can’t see our loved ones!

Gerianne Barber

We were very impressed with the care our dear friend received at the Jewish Home. She came to the Jewish Home to receive rehabilitation services however she did end up needing end of life care. The staff were compassionate and gave superb care to our friend. The staff are wonderful. We would recommend the Jewish Home!

Janice and Harris Cutler

Thanks for all you do and for keeping us informed! It means so much to me to be able to Facetime my mom every day. Thank you for setting this up! It means a lot to our families.

Mari Saville Ross

I will never forget the easy access you gave to our friend to visit my brother every day and take him to the sun and beyond with her words of wisdom and memories shared. I will never forget Nicole’s calls keeping me updated at all times and Sherrie’s tears as she prepared to say her last goodbye to her new friend. I will never forget the dignity and respect shown to Tim all day, every day.

Maureen Bell Asterbadi

Thank you – our staff is doing an amazing job. I feel privileged to work with such great staff. They’re really hanging in there and taking great care of our residents!

Mae Murawski

I miss seeing my parents. Thank you for keeping them safe.

Renee Rinaldoni Puchalski

I will always remember the ease with which our family spent the last three nights with our brother, Tim, with pillows, blankets all provided to us with love. I will always remember Kathy’s warm smile as she called us by name.

Maureen Bell Asterbadi

After touring several nursing homes in the New York area where I live, I made the decision to place my mother in the Jewish Home in Scranton where I was raised.

Wendy Barker, Armonk, NY

Thank you, everyone!

Mary Beth Mikolayczak

Stay safe, all!

Lisa Krawitz

 We have been delighted with the wonderful care Mom has received at the JH. It’s especially impressive that staff from every department, whether it be social services, medical staff, therapy staff or dietary, know Mom by name and give her a big greeting whenever they see her. We have witnessed this personal touch exhibited time and again by the wonderful staff who provide for the residents’ needs with respect, care and compassion. Mom is happy and content, and for this we are grateful.

Mike Hanley and Claire Walsh

Thank you so much for your tender loving care to my mother. I cried all the way home when she was admitted there in the Fall of 2018 as I thought it would be the last time I would see her alive. She was very ill at that time. What a difference a year makes, especially under your superb care to her! The last time I visited, she told me she is very happy there. She has a group of friends and loves the food (she is a picky eater so this statement says volumes) It makes my heart happy to see how engaged she is and how much time she spends outside her room. Having cared for her for 5 years and as an RN, I know what a challenge this can be. I really appreciate all you do to lovingly care for her. You cannot imagine the peace of mind it gives me. Thank you so much!

Daughter of a Resident

Thanks so much to all of you!

Kenneth Courtney

Like everyone always says, we are family. Everyone is doing a great job.

Mary Ellen Alfieri

It is impossible to say thank you for all the love and caring compassion you showed to our mother, Dorothy Bouselli.

Roseann and Vince Arnone

I know no one who is more deserving of moments of relaxation and peace than the incredible team at the Jewish Home. Thanks for all that you do!

Ann Courtney Frisbie

I left in tears the other night – good tears, tears of joy and appreciation. I watched Sue, one of the fourth-floor nurses, stop what she was doing to go over and hug and hold a resident who seemed upset. I’ve watched her do similar things many times. Earlier the same night, she walked over and stood in front of a different resident, and she put out both of her hands. The resident beamed a huge smile and extended her hands as well to hold Sue’s hands.
You have a wonderful team, and they all take good care of the needs of the residents. Sue is in tune with their emotional needs, and though these exchanges that I’m writing about did not include my Mom, I have seen her do similar things with her as well.  She hugged and comforted the upset resident and rubbed her hands until she smiled.

Ann Frisbie

My husband, Jim, has been a resident of the Jewish Home since the spring of 2018. He is on the Memory Care floor. I can’t turn the clock back to restore Jim to the smart, loving, talented man I married almost fifty years ago. So the Jewish Home is the very best place he can be. He is well-loved and he is well-cared for and he is safe and content. I visit regularly and I see that each resident is always treated with loving warmth, courtesy, and respect. Many of the staff have worked at the Jewish Home for more than fifteen years and regard this work as their calling. Jim’s dementia is the tragedy of our lives. The Jewish Home is the blessing.

Peggie Hannan

Thanks for taking such good care of our loved ones during this trying situation!

Phyl Cerra Paone

Thanks to all of you!

Lisa Vieira

I thank Rabbi Sandhaus and the entire staff at the Jewish Home for the excellent care that they provided my mother, Marie Kerrigan, during her stay prior to her passing.

Thomas P. Kerrigan

It was at the Jewish Home where my brother’s physical and emotional needs were met. Because his vocal skills were compromised, he communicated through touch. The staff always returned his hug, kisses on the hand, or handshake willingly, and called him by name. I will never forget how this touched me when I first saw these exchanges. 

Maureen Bell Asterbadi

I am Emily. I’m attending the Friday morning breakfast club. One of my favorite activities. Usually, about two dozen or more people come. We have choices of different foods – cooked in the life enrichment kitchen.  The aroma of the food cooking draws everyone in! I look forward all week to this group. I put my clothes out the night before. I wait for someone to help me in the morning and I get up extra early – much earlier than other days! I wait for someone to say “Time to go!” Pancakes, French toast, fresh fruit, eggs, all different choices. But the best thing is sitting around with your friends at the breakfast club after you eat, in the room that smells so good, enjoying the company and your tea or coffee! Come join us at the Jewish Home!


Thank you to all staff at the Jewish Home.The Jewish Home has a wonderful heart for giving. The Home runs graceful because of teamwork of all the departments.

Robert Warfe

Count me in as a big fan and supporter of the Jewish Home of Eastern PA. I have been familiar with its work and service to the community since I was Mayor of Scranton.

Jim Connors, former Mayor of Scranton

Thank you to all of the staff for everything you do. It’s a difficult job, but you are always so kind and understanding when I call to ask about my mother. I miss being able to visit her but know she’s in good hands. And a special shout-out to the staff on the 5th floor!

Ellen McGuire

I love reading the residents’ messages. Keep them coming. You do a great job!

Ann Marie Schneider

I will never forget the peanut butter and jelly sandwich on my brother’s lunch and dinner tray for “later.” I will never forget the white hand towels mounted on his bed for him to fold. I will never forget his clean clothes and his clean bed waiting for him to rest his weary head and his failing body.

Maureen Bell Asterbadi

I will always remember the maintenance man hooking up my brother’s TV that weekend evening…”no problem.” I will always remember Claudia’s patient, empathetic and kind manner. I will always remember the kitchen sending up carafes of hot coffee, cold drinks and snacks.

Maureen Bell Asterbadi

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